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About Omnistar Reseller

Omnistar Interactive is an application service provider specializing in web based ebusiness tools that form one complete integrated application to help you manage important business processes. Omnistar Interactive has a long standing history of providing dynamic customized web based applications and web portals for businesses world wide. It was through our relations with businesses that we developed our comprehensive line of products and services.. As a full service Internet Development firm, Omnistar Interactive understands the need to be able to effectively leverage the power of the Internet in order to increase a businesses productivity. After doing extensive research and communicating directly with our customers and other businesses with an existing web presence, Omnistar Interactive has been able to effectively develop a comprehensive suite of solutions that are known and used widely throughout the industry.

Earn Additional Revenue!

In doing extensive research into the needs of businesses throughout various industries we found that most businesses spend a lot of money making information available to their customers and or employees via the web. Whether they are manually posting available job positions, updating press releases or posting documentation for download, these tasks can become quite costly if an automated system is not utilized. With this in mind we have made it possible for your company to offer these powerful solutions to your own client base. Offering these products and services will not only expand your current service offering, but it will also create an additional revenue stream.

Brand Products as your own!

In addition to expanding your service line and increasing your revenue stream, our solutions can also be branded as your own giving your clients the impression that your company developed these powerful solutions. This will not only give your company increased credibility, but it will also allow your business fall under new categories, thus expanding your current reach.

Why Choose Omnistar?

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