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Why Omnistar?

Learn why thousands of companies are choosing Omnistar Interactive products instead of the competition.

Same Day Support Guaranteed

Yes, you read that correctly. No more waiting for days to receive a response from support or help installing a software solution. We guarantee that if you submit a support ticket via our system you will receive a response the same DAY or we will pay you! (View our Guarantee) Including Saturday and Sunday. Your support request will be handled by a product specialist that is familiar with Omnistar Drive that is located in the United States.

Everything Is Included – No Up-selling Ad-ons

Most of our competitors are offering similar products with limited versions and they make you pay for premium features. If you were to buy a similar product from our competitors, you would have to choose which features are important and worry about upgrading later. Not with Omnistar Interactive, we give you the best product at the best rate.

Request Free Phone Support – No Extra Fees

Many of our competitors advertise that they will only offer support via email. While our preferred method of support is via our Online Customer Care Center, if you send a ticket and the support representative is still unable to help you, you can let us know the best time to reach you via the phone and we will call you during normal business hours. We realize that not every support issue can be handled via email.

Immediate Download

Upon ordering the Omnistar Interactive install products you will be able to immediately download and install the software. In addition, we offer Same Day optional FREE installs if you require our technical team to install the product. If you order our hosted version, after we confirm your order, we will set up your account the same day.

12 Months Free Upgrades and Support

Unlike other products that charge for new versions and upgrades, Omnistar Interactive offers FREE upgrades and support for 12 months. Even if the product version number changes, you will still be entitled to a free upgrade within the first 12 months. Our software team is continually adding new features and offers several new versions every year.

Same Day Install Guaranteed

No more waiting for product installs. Our technical specialist will install your product that same day you fill out our install form according to our Omnistar Guarantee.