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Omnistar Form Builder Requirements

Omnistar Form Builder is available as a download for you to install on your local web server or as a hosted solution. No matter which solution you choose your support staff and users can access all features from any web browser.

Install Version

Our install version allows you to install our software on your web server. Omnistar Form Builder is simple to install on servers with PHP and MySql. We offer optional free same day installation. We also offer full source code to everything except the license management area so that you can add your own features and integrate third party applications.

User Requirements

• Operating System: Any Windows, Mac, Linux or Unix

• Web Browser: Internet Explorer (Windows) or any Gecko based browser such
   as Netscape or Firefox (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Web Server Requirements

• Operating System: Linux, Windows, or Unix

• Web Server: Apache or IIS

• Scripting Language: PHP 4.0 or above

• Database: MySQL 4.0 or above

Zend Optimizer or Ioncube Loaders (Only to encode the license management
  area because we offer full source code so you can add your own features and   incorporate third party applications)

If you are not sure if our software will work on your server then please contact us.

Hosted Version

Our hosted solution allows you to use our Omnistar Form Builder solution without a web server. We host the software, so there’s nothing for you to install, manage, or upgrade.

• Web Browser: Internet Explorer (Windows) or any Gecko based browser such
   as Netscape or Firefox (Windows, Mac, Linux)