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Omnistar Recruiting Software Product Videos

Click and watch Omnistar Recruiting Software videos highlighting the software in action. You will learn how Omnistar Recruiting Software can make applicant tracking and job posting easy for your business.

Omnistar Recruiting Software Introduction Video
Omnistar Recruiting Software is a dynamic job recruitment software solution that gives you the ability to post job openings and collect applications with one simple interface. Our job board software is packed with many dynamic functions including secure resume management, customizable job application, resume inbox and resume file upload tool.
Organize Unlimited Resumes
Omnistar Recruiting Software includes highly advanced applicant tracking software that helps employers keep track of job seekers from every angle. With detailed searching capability, quick resume flagging, applicant tracking categories, and even a fully integrated mass email system.
Create Customized Job Application
Omnistar Recruiting Software is a job listing application that provides you with a customizable interface for collecting employment leads. Administrators the ability to add as many fields of whatever type they need to the application page, allowing you to easily gather only the important data you need from each applicant.
Customizable Job Search
Omnistar Recruiting Software provides you with the ability to customize a great deal of the interface of your Job Board software. Being able to customize the search field applicants use allows you to build a system with an accessible interface that is easy to use.
Employer Management Module
Our job board software includes a powerful optional feature that allows professional Recruiting Software's to offer the employers they work with on a daily basis an account to login to Omnistar Recruiting Software. Once the employer has an account the Recruiting Software will then be able to easily get resumes, cover letters, or any type of document to the employer through an easy to use upload tool in the administrative area.
Recruiter Add Contact Demo
Omnistar Recruiter provides you with the ability to add your own contacts to the software. This is useful for staying in touch with users, and allows you to easily add full details to an applicant who recently submitted a resume but didn't sign up with the software..