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Private Label Affiliate Software

There’s no other private label affiliate software like OSI Affiliate. Our commission based software system is fully customizable, allowing clients to set up an affiliate program so it meets their precise specifications. Not only is OSI Affiliate packed with special features (just look below), but it comes in an easy-to-use package that will amaze your clients. The combination of our features and great price point means our software is an incredibly great buy for anyone running a website in need of advertising.

Resell Affiliate Program Software

Every ebusiness knows how important advertising is, but few have set up a good affiliate program, simply because most affiliate programs are clunky and hard to use. So OSI Affiliate resell affiliate program software is an easy sell to just about everyone—after all, this is advertising that they only pay for when they actually make a sale. With OSI Affiliate, it’s a win-win-win situation all the way around.

  • Create Unlimited Affiliate Programs
  • Create Unlimited Affiliate Users
  • Works with ALL Gateway Companies
  • Multi-tier Affiliate System
  • Create Customized Fields
  • Add Unlimited Banners
  • Add Unlimited Text Links
  • Duplicate Sale Protection
  • Set Minimum Payout Amount
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Easily Private Label
  • Easy Setup
  • Getting Started Wizard
  • Totally Customizable User Area
  • Totally Customizable Admin Area
  • Installs on PHP / MySQL
  • Free Installation
  • Totally Web-based
  • Password Protected Backend
  • Mange Thousands of Affiliates
  • Immediate Download
    Upon ordering the Omnistar OSI Affiliate Install version you will be able to immediately download and install the product. In addition, we offer Same Day optional FREE installs if you require our technical team to install the product. If you order our hosted version, after we confirm your order, we will set up your account the same day.

  • Lifetime Upgrades
    Unlike other products that charge for new versions and upgrades, Omnistar interactive offers the first year of upgrades free. Even if the product version number changes, you will still be entitled to a free upgrade. Our software team is continually adding new features and offers several new versions every year.

  • Affiliate Earn Commission Based on Sales (optional)
    Omnistar Affiliate allows affiliates to earn commission in three ways. One of the ways affiliates can earn commission is based upon sales made from your e-commerce solution or shopping-cart system.

  • Affiliate Earn Commission Based On Clicks (optional)
    Omnistar Affiliate allows affiliates to earn commission in three ways. One of the way affiliates can earn commission is based on clicks from the banner or text ad.

  • Affiliates Earn Commission Based Upon Impressions (optional)
    Omnistar Affiliate allows affiliates to earn commission three ways. One of the way affiliates can earn commission is based upon the number of impression that are received from the affiliate user’s banner.

  • Re-Brand Omnistar Affiliate
    Omnistar Affiliate can be easily re-branded so that web developers and designers can sell the product as their own.

  • Product Will work if user has Cookies turned off
    Unlike other affiliate programs Omnistar Affiliate will work if the user has cookies turned off. Therefore, if your affiliate user sends a customer to your site and they do not have cookies turned on, the affiliate with still be tracked.

  • Create Unlimited Affiliate Programs
    Omnistar Affiliate allows administrators to create unlimited affiliate programs. Each affiliate program can be setup with unique properties and limits.

  • Paypal Compatible
    Omnistar affiliate has been integrated with Paypal, so that you can easily pay your affiliate users.

  • Works With All Gateway Companies
    Omnistar Affiliate only requires a simple code sniplet to be added to your thank you page, therefore, you will be able to use ANY third-party gateway company.

  • Multi-Tier Affiliate System
    Omnistar Affiliate has multiple tier capabilities to allow affiliate users to sign up other affiliate users. Omnistar Affiliate is a four tier system. The administrator will be able to easily setup each level with different commissions.

  • Multi-Lingual
    Omnistar Affiliate allows you to easily translate the entire administrative, staff and user pages to ANY language. In addition to translating the software you can also change the MySql Character Set.

  • Duplicate Sale Protection
    Omnistar Affiliate has an optional feature that allows you to avoid duplicate sales by setting a limit on how often sales are counted from the same IP. This feature is optional.

  • Unlimited Banner Ads
    Omnistar Affiliate allows administrators to add unlimited banner ads for your affiliate programs. One affiliate program can have one or more banners.

  • Unlimited Text Links
    Omnistar Affiliate allows administrators to add unlimited text link ads for your affiliate programs. One affiliate program can have one or more text links.

  • Customized Registration Form
    Omnistar Affiliate allows administrators to add customized fields to your registration form.

  • Manage Email List
    Omnistar Affiliate allows administrators to send HTML emails to their affiliate users. Omnistar Affiliate comes with 10 HTML email templates, so you do not have technical skills to create HTML newsletters. In addition, you will be able to send HTML emails you have created with third party software.

  • Accept Reoccurring Affiliates
    Omnistar Affiliate allows administrators to setup reoccurring affiliates. Therefore, if you have a product or service and you would like to pay your affiliates on a reoccurring basis then you can easily set this up with Omnistar Affiliate.

  • Advance Reporting
    Omnistar Affiliate includes a set of reports that allows administrators to view the number of clicks, impressions, sales, unique visitors, re-occurring transactions, and more using a variety of search options.

  • Easily Setup Minimum Payout Amount
    Omnistar Affiliate allows affiliates to easily setup minimum payout amounts. Therefore, if administrators want to require your affiliate user’s to earn a specific amount before they are paid, this can easily be done with Omnistar Affiliate.

  • Require Administrator Approval for Affiliates
    Omnistar Affiliate includes an option to require new affiliates to be approved by the administrator before they are added to your system.

  • Backup and Restore
    Omnistar Affiliate allows you to easily backup and restore your database though our back-end interface.

  • Customizable Interface
    The interface can be customized using our template system or you can upload your own HTML header and footer. Using the option to customize with your own HTML header and footer gives you the best option to incorporate your layout into Omnistar Affiliate.

  • Still not convinced
    Click here to see why thousands of webmasters choose Omnistar Affiliate over the competition.
100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Omnistar is so convinced that you'll love our product that we offer a 30 Day money back guarantee. If within the first 30 days after purchasing our product you decide for whatever reason it is not the right product for your business simply let us know and you will receive a full refund.

The Omnistar Guarantee.