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Omnistar Affiliate Software Product Videos

Click and watch Omnistar Affiliate Software videos highlighting the software in action. You will learn how Omnistar Affiliate Software can make affiliate tracking easy for your business.

Omnistar Affiliate Introduction Video
Adding our affiliate tracking software to your site is one of the best ways to increase your sales and improve your search engine ranking. Once you setup the software you will be able to determine if you want to track your affiliates based on sales, clicks, or impressions. Omnistar Affiliate is compatible with all major gateway companies and can be setup in minutes.
Works with ALL Gateway Companies
Omnistar Affiliate is built with the realization in mind that all online stores are different. Because of this, we implemented a system that could track sales made by your affiliates without relying on any input from the gateway software you use.
Multi-tier Affiliate System
Omnistar Affiliate includes a system to handle your affiliate programs' multi-tier needs. Our software integrates a system allowing multiple payment options for affiliates recruited by current affiliates. All you have to do is set a payment amount for your different levels of affiliate and you will be ready to start rewarding affiliates for recommending new customers.
Send HTML Emails
Omnistar Affiliate has a powerful built in email system that allows you to easily stay in touch with your affiliates. The software also comes with a number of HTML email templates, and allows you to customize them with our WYSIWYG editor. This system ensures your communication is effective and attractive.
Affiliate User Features
Omnistar Affiliate provides Affiliate users with a separate interface for working with the software. The various features that the affiliate has access to are all accessible from the main page of the affiliate user area. The affiliate can handle an unlimited number of affiliate users.
Affiliate Reports
Omnistar Affiliate is configured to automatically keep track of important data generated when operating the software. This data is available in the form of detailed reports that are constantly kept up to date on the affiliate software.
Affiliate Promotion Tools
Omnistar Affiliate has a number of powerful advertising tools bult right in to its interface. You can easily provide affiliates with text ads, banner ads, light box ads, and page peel ads, as well as offering them documents through the affiliate interface. All of this is easy to manage with Omnistar Affiliate.